Build Immune System

what is immune system in human body?

immune system is the level of power to sustain

the level of positiveness, level of energy in the body.

have you ever thought of your immune , when you work handy and you get tired in 15 minutes, when you play outdoor fames your body gets tired in 15 minutes. think why is this happening to you. no it is happening to all of us as every person has different metabolism  in their body their energy levels are different. some of them eat protein rich food to make their immune proper. everything matters eating food doing yoga exercise. daily lifestyle changes the whole thinking changes when you think of your body and immune system.

ways to boost your immune system naturally?

do morning walk at least 1 km to 2 km as per body suits. without eating food just drink a warm/cool water and just walk. by just a morning walk daily your immune will boost naturally.

doing small bit of exercise daily early morning will boost your immune.

do asanas yoga this will increase immune.

sleep on time, eat on time- do not eat over eat as per your body needs.

i am mentioning early morning this is the main reason as your body is in full control to intake good things in it as its a cool calm you get a nice morning sunlight. as well as your body will feel great to do it.

how to check immune system?

when you do any sort of work do you feel tired or lazy or you do not want to work this is a weaker sign. building immune system gradually increases way of working way of thinking you feel positive always in your day work.

signs of immune system has started building in your body.

you will feel positive in doing every work.

you will be less stressed in your work.

your way of thinking will change.

you will not speak rude.

check your body by touching your arms, heart it will be cool

your way of seeing will be positive.

you will not be scared if someone shouts at you.

one of the most important point to check your immune is

if suppose this happens. you will fight will full force without fear this is the main point if some one wants to fight with you. your body will naturally feel so powerful that you aren’t scared of something.

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