how cruel life is? judgement day of god

how cruel is life ?

we a born with happiness and we die with sadness. this is what i experienced in life. i was born and every one was happy. every year i use to go to native place to my nanas nanis village i cant forget those days when i use to play with them and make all laughs. i use to have no money in my pocket and look a surprise comes to me and says here boy take the 10 rs and enjoy what you wanna eat and the money was give by my nana the true hero of my life. i use to enjoy with a 5 rs cold drink and 5 rs of dabeli. just those chilling days. i always loved to go to nanus house. one day he said to me i will grow a avacado tree and see this tree will grow next year and you will get a fresh tree fruit to eat i was to eager for the next year. tge day came when i visited the place. and was surprised of seing the tree grown and with bunch of fruits in it i said to nanu what nanu amazing surprise. nanu said wait my boy ill give you best fruit to eat. i eated it with joy and was so full of joy. i heared many challenging stories about him but not remember now he was a hardcore guy with full of enthusiastic about life and got such guts even that every one use to be afraid of him. he was a kind hearted guy who have inspired many peoples and gave support through money even though in his pocket he doesn’t have. he was famous in his whole village for that. he visited quatar, dubai worked for many years. he lost his few fingers in winding machine. he use to take me to chabutra where birds use to feed them self and love those days when he was there with me.

every thing was running okay till the time god opened his reverse life calendar. he got my nanas left leg cutted due to diabeties. and i was too sad. he struggled and felt too bad about it. that to its oky if it was a gods wish but see the gods judgement day what he took the decision. he just made my nani to death after 5 months. he made so much struggle. after that my nana live a struggling life for 1 year more and today is the judgement god took his life and suddenly our eyes turned it to tears. and look the wagon wheels is like it just moves on and the should got his place to gods where he deserves but look how life is cruel it gave me happiness for 30 years and now suddenly such incident happens. and i am remembering my past that i was with my nana and nani. just pray to god this doesn’t happen to you all guys it feels to bad when this happens on us.

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