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What is a LAN

Published on, 06-10-2019

Before, begin with this topic. I am sure We all know what is computer networks and why do we need computer networks and their uses. 



So, what is LAN and LAN stands for?




What is Network

Published on, 22-09-2019


In today's world we all are using electronic devices one way or another and it will not be wrong if I say we all have become so dependent that we can not think of doing a single task without needing these devices.

Ever wondered ! How these devices make connections between each other without fail ?
This all happens with the help of computer networks.

What is Python mostly used for

Published on, 22-09-2019


What is Python mostly used for?


Python is all-purpose programming language,which means it can be used for developing almost all kinds of software and applications.


Professionally, Python is great for backend development, Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning,...

What Is Python

Published on, 22-09-2019

Introduction : 


Python is associate taken, open supply, high-level, all-purpose programing language with dynamic linguistics. it absolutely was created by Guido van Rossum, and discharged in 1991. What makes Python an ideal programming language is, its high-level in-built information structures, combined with dynamic writing and dynamic binding. Python is additionally used as a scripting or glue language to attach existing parts along. Python is extremely straightforward language to find out for beginners. Python supports modules and packages, which inspires program modularity and code...

What are operators in Python

Published on, 22-09-2019

In Python and in other programming language operators are special symbols which carry out different Arithmetics or Logical computation.The value that the operator operators on is known as the operand.



For Example:


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