Apple cider vinegar made me loose 5 kgs & treated my dry cough


Friends this is a fact that I was struggling for my dry cough since 6 years and my current age is 28. I. I sited many doctors for that they tested my lungs report and tested they said your lungs becomes weak due to cold environment and cold intakes and they gave me a inhaler of powder. This gave me a temporary relief it is course of 30 days. Every year it happens when it’s a cold temperature. Recently I met a detox doctor he guided me for detoxing but the medicines are too expensive I really going to prefer natural medicines but will not go for harmful medicines.

My friend who started a kitchen called being fit kitchen

gave me a tip to use wow company Apple cider vinegar for weight loss. There was no intention to buy the product but my brother purchased the product from amazon. And said I am not going to use the product. I said I will use it for weight loss

My body weight was 76.5

And my current weight is 71

Daily intake of a bottle cap size intake of vinegar in early morning with water and than after a round in garden with little bit of warm up and 30 push-ups daily led me to build my immune system and daily my solid cough came out 2 to 3 times day. after few days my dry cough fully settled and I am free from this hectic cough.

Thank you wow apple cider vinegar & being fit kitchen I saved a lot of money wasting on doctors treatment.

Thank you

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